30.04.16 Road Trip in Brisbane News

Group exhibition, Road Trip has been featured in an article by Phil Brown in the Brisbane News. Featuring work by Juz Kitson, Fiona Lowry, William Mackinnon and Guy Maestri, the exhibition explores the concept of a road trip in the Australian landscape, with each of the artists portraying their varied experiences and interpretations.

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Road Trip is current until 14 May 2016

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Image credit: Fiona Lowry   Snowy Plain road   2016   acrylic on linen   167.0 x 122.0 cm. Courtesy Martin Brown Contemporary, Sydney and Hugo Michell, Adelaide


13.04.16 Road Trip – Group Exhibition

Road Trip is a group exhibition featuring the work of significant Australian artists Juz Kitson, Fiona Lowry, William Mackinnon and Guy Maestri. The show considers the long held presence of the ‘road trip’ in the Australian psyche and how it shapes our experience of the landscape.

The utterance of the phrase ‘road trip’ immediately conjures visions of escape, adventure and new horizons, but can also suggest disruption and potential adversity. Although lured by the beauty and freedom of the natural environment, we can sense the danger and mystery that our sometimes hostile terrain presents.

Contemporary engagement with the landscape is often mediated via the lens of the car window, which is evidenced in the works produced by these artists. Each artist in the show uniquely interprets the premise of the ‘road trip’ to produce a new series of artworks.

Road Trip will run from 19 April – 14 May.

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Image credit: William Mackinnon   When I drive I get these ideas   2015   oil on linen   150.0 x 122.0 cm


29.04.16 Robert Malherbe on In/Out Blog

Robert Malherbe has been featured on design blog, In/Out in an article about his major survey exhibition Resist the spirit of the times at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre. The insightful article highlights Malherbe’s unique and considered approach to oil painting, which has seen him honoured by the survey held in the region in which he lives and often paints.

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Robert Malherbe: Resist the spirit of the times
Blue Mountains Cultural Centre

30 April – 5 June 2016

Robert Malherbe In a brighter light
Jan Murphy Gallery
14 June – 9 July 2016
To view a preview catalogue of In a brighter light please contact the gallery here

Photograph by Jenni Carter


07.04.16 Rhys Lee in Museum Magazine

Rhys Lee is featured in Museum Magazine in an interview with Sammy Preston.

Lee discusses his early years in Queensland, his move down to Melbourne and the influence of his older works in his current solo exhibition, Jungle Rum Rumble at Jan Murphy Gallery.

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Image credit: Rhys Lee   Jungle Rum Rumble 2   2015   acrylic on linen   200.0 x 168.0 cm


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