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    09.11.18 Linde Ivimey in Artist Profile

    Linde Ivimey features in Issue 45 of Artist Profile magazine in an insightful article by Sonia Legge.

    In the interview, Ivimey discusses works from her recent exhibition, Conversations with a caterpillar, at Jan Murphy Gallery as well as her ever-evolving studio practice.

    For more information in Issue 45 of Artist Profile, please click here. 

    Image credit: Linde Ivimey   Nocturno 1   2018   steel armature, acrylic resin, cotton, dyed viscera, cast and natural cow, sheep and snake bones, champagne foils, peacock feather   77.0 x 49.0 x 55.0 cm


    01.06.18 Linde Ivimey at National Portrait Gallery

    Linde Ivimey features in group exhibition, So Fine – Contemporary women artists make Australian history, at the National Portrait Gallery.

    Forming part of the National Portrait Gallery’s twentieth birthday celebrations, the exhibition features new works from ten women artists reinterpreting and reimagining elements of Australian history.

    So Fine – Contemporary women artists make Australian history
    National Portrait Gallery
    29 June – 1 October 2018

    For more information, please click here.

    To read an article from The Sydney Morning Herald, please click here. 

    Image credit: Linde Ivimey   Marilyn Ball Albatross   2018   steel armature, acrylic resin, dyed cotton, cast and natural, sheep, turkey and chicken bones, sewn viscera, earth, smoky quartz and pearls   95.0 x 63.0 x 30.0 cm


    03.03.18 Linde Ivimey at Museum of Australian Democracy

    Linde Ivimey features in a group exhibition at the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House in Canberra. The Gift: Art, Artefacts, and Arrivals explores the notion of migration as a gift, both to those seeking a new home, and to the accepting nation.

    The four exhibiting contemporary artists, Linde Ivimey, Heddy Ritterman, Louise Skala and Linda Wachtel are all family members of Holocaust survivors who immigrated to Australia after World War II. Each artist offers a unique story with shared themes of loss, struggle, resilience and hope.

    The Gift: Art, Artefacts, and Arrivals
    Museum of Australian Democracy
    Old Parliament House, Canberra

    For more information, please click here. 

    To read an article by The Age, please click here.

    Image credit: Linde Ivimey with her work in The Gift: Art, Artefacts, and Arrivals. Photo courtesy of the Museum of Australian Democracy.


    16.12.16 Linde Ivimey in ‘Apologies to Roadkill’ Exhibition

    Linde Ivimey has been included in exhibition, Apologies to Roadkill: life and death in contemporary Australian art at the Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts & Culture Centre in Katherine, Northern Territory.

    Exploring vulnerability, mortality and the cyclical nature of life the exhibition will feature works by eleven artists from around Australia including Guy Maestri, Shaun Gladwell and Joan Ross.

    Apologies to Roadkill: life and death in contemporary Australian art
    Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts & Culture Centre
    27 January – 1 April 2017

    For more information, please click here.

    To read an article by ABC News, please click here.

    Image credit: Linde Ivimey   Off with her head!   2012   Steel armature, iron, wine and champagne foils, acrylic resin, dyed cotton, silk and acrylic fibre, plant fibre, pigment, seed pods, cow, sheep, turkey, chicken and fish bones, woven chicken vertebrae, peacock feathers, black and white pearls   dimensions variable   Collection of the artist


    Linde Ivimey Publication

    Coinciding with Linde Ivimey’s 2012 survey exhibition, UQ Art Museum have produced a hard cover publication. The book features written contributions by exhibition curator, Louise Martin-Chew.

    Linde Ivimey

    Publisher: UQ Art Museum, 2012
    Hard cover, 192pp, fully illustrated, colour
    31.0 x 27.0 x 2.5 cm
    ISBN: 978174270647

    Available: $50 + $10 postage & handling

    Please email the gallery or phone +61 7 3254 1855 to purchase this item.


    01.10.16 Linde Ivimey at Craft Victoria

    Linde Ivimey is in curated group exhibition, Ceremonial, at Craft Victoria.

    Ceremonial investigates the role of ceremonies in society, presenting works that connect to traditional collective ceremonies as well as personal rituals.

    Craft Victoria
    7 October – 3 December

    For more information, please click here.

    Image credit: Linde Ivimey   Peepo   acrylic resin, steel armature, dyed and printed cotton, natural fibre, natural and cast sheep, turkey and chicken bones, rabbit fur   40.0 x 27.0 x 47.0 cm


    14.09.16 Linde Ivimey in Rookwood Cemetery Sculpture Walk

    Linde Ivimey has been selected to participate in the 2016 Hidden: Rookwood Cemetery Sculpture Walk.

    Rookwood Cemetery is the oldest, largest and most multicultural cemetery in Australia.

    Each year, the exhibition invites artists to respond to the themes surrounding the Rookwood site, including history, culture, remembrance and love. Linde Ivimey has created a site specific work titled Bella Donna (Deadly Nightshade), a gothic chandelier created from a variety of bones.

    Hidden: Rookwood Cemetery Sculpture Walk 2016
    Rookwood Cemetery
    23 September – 23 October 2016

    For further information, please click here.


    19.05.16 Linde Ivimey at the Weserburg, Germany

    Linde Ivimey has works on display as part of the I Prefer Life exhibition at the Weserburg in Bremen, Germany.

    The exhibition is being held to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Weserburg, Europe’s first collectors’ museum, and features a selection of works from the Reydan Weiss collection. Weiss’ outstanding collection sees Ivimey’s works displayed alongside the likes of Cindy Sherman, Nathalie Djurberg, Gerhard Richter and many other great artists from around the world.

    I Prefer Life runs until 26 February 2017

    For more information, please click here 

    Image: Reydan Weiss with Linde Ivimey’s work at the Weserburg


    14.05.16 Linde Ivimey at Caboolture Regional Gallery

    Linde Ivimey will have work on display at the Caboolture Regional Gallery as part of the exhibition, Love…more than a four letter word. The exhibition features work from a group of artists working across varying mediums and approaches, all exploring the concept of love in its many capacities. Featured artists include Tracey Moffatt, Joy Hester, Jenny Watson, Angelica Mestiti, Clarke Beaumont and many more.

    The exhibition will run from 18 May – 9 July 2016.

    The official opening will be held on Saturday 21 May at 11am.

    Fore more information, please click here 

    Image credit: Linde Ivimey   The Surrogate   2010   steel armature, acrylic resin, woven vertebrae, dyed cotton, natural fibre, natural and cast chicken and fish bones and teeth                       118.0 x 40.0 x 57.0 cm   The University of Queensland Art Collection


    10.05.16 Linde Ivimey at Glen Eira City Council Gallery

    Linde Ivimey has been included in a group exhibition at the Glen Eira City Council Gallery titled We Are Here: An exploration of contemporary portraiture as a response to hatred and hope. 

    Curated by Dr Helen Light AM, the exhibition includes artworks across a range of mediums that respond to personal and collective histories and viewpoints regarding the trauma of war. A particular focus is placed on the stories of post-war refugees who’s struggles are pertinent to current debates surrounding international asylum seekers.

    For more information, please click here

    Image credit: Linde Ivimey   Marta & Josef   2016   steel armature, acrylic resin, woven bird vertebrae   85.0 x 65.0 x 33.0 cm


    12.12.15 Linde Ivimey at Rockhampton Art Gallery

    Linde Ivimey is featured in a new exhibition, Fantastic Worlds, at Rockhampton Art Gallery.

    Fantastic Worlds showcases the talents of eleven contemporary Australian sculptors and their ranging approaches to sculpture using non-traditional mediums and techniques.

    The exhibition runs from 12 December 2015 until 14 February 2016.

    For more information, please click here

    Image credit: Linde Ivimey   Eat Me Alice   steel, acrylic resin, dyed cotton & acrylic fabric, cast and natural turkey and chicken bones, pigment   186.0 x 50.0 x 44.0 cm


    23.09.15 Daily Imprint Interview with Linde Ivimey

    Sydney based sculptor, Linde Ivimey has been interviewed by the Daily Imprint in the wake of her current exhibition, Cross My Heart opening at Jan Murphy Gallery

    The interview provides a great insight into the life and mind of this enigmatic artist.

    To read the article, please click here. 


    19.09.15 Cultural Flanerie – Exhibition Review

    Carrie McCarthy from Cultural Flanerie has reviewed Linde Ivimey’s current Jan Murphy Gallery solo exhibition, Cross My Heart. Running until 3 October 2015, the new exhibition consists of eleven exquisite hand-crafted sculptures exploring themes of identity and self using a vast range of materials and techniques.

    The review discusses Linde’s unique artistic practice from her studio based in Sydney and the process of her development for Cross My Heart. 

    To read the full review, please click here.


    21.08.15 Supreme Court Library Queensland Exhibition

    Victoria Reichelt and Linde Ivimey are in Discerning Judgement, an exhibition at the Supreme Court Library Queensland.

    Curated by John Stafford and Jodie Cox from CREATIVEMOVE, in collaboration with the Supreme Court Library, Discerning Judgment explores commonalities of how judgment is required in the practices of art and law.

    The nine artists selected for the exhibition are Robert Andrew, Michael Cook, Joachim Froese, Linde Ivimey, Victoria Reichelt, Tyza Stewart, Kylie Stillman, Judy Watson and Michael Zavros.

    Each of these artists will also undertake a residency in 2016, where they will be paired with a legal mentor to explore a particular area of the law.

    An article about the exhibition was featured on Arts Hub and written by Gina Fairley.

    To read the article, please click here. 

    The exhibition is on until 5 February 2015.

    Image credit: Linde Ivimey   Law and Order   2012   two Egyptian cabinets, steel armature, dyed cotton, found objects, cast and natural turkey and chicken bones   151.0 x 40.0 x 40.0 cm


    31.03.15 Linde Ivimey on Cultural Flanerie Blog

    Carrie McCarthy from arts blog Cultural Flanerie has written a fascinating article titled What’s in your bag?, which considers the varied roles suitcases can play in society.

    JMG artist Linde Ivimey’s recent collection of tiny suitcase dioramas are featured as part of an exploration into the way some contemporary artists use suitcases as part of their practice.

    To read the full article ,please click here.

    Image credit: Linde Ivimey    Parental guidance   2012   mixed media   47.0 x 38.0 x 47.0cm


    05.12.14 Day Eight: 12 Days of Christmas

    Few people know the Twelve Days of Christmas song is essential Christian doctrine. Catholics in England composed the song during the 16th Century, who were forbidden by law to practice their faith as at the time, the only legal church in England was the state church. To teach their children the basic doctrine, they used nonsense songs that would not raise the suspicions of the non-Catholics around them, but would remind the children of their faith. The explanation of the twelve days is as follows:

    On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me”  (True Love being God, in this instance)

    The fist day of the Christmas celebration is counted from December 26, to January 6, the traditional day for celebrating the coming of the wise men to worship Jesus, also called the day of “Epiphany’:

    1. A Partridge in a Pair Tree (Jesus Christ)
    2. Two Turtle Doves (The Old and New Testaments)
    3. Three French Hens (Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh)
    4. Four Calling Birds (The Four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John)
    5. Five Golden Rings (The first five books of the Old Testament: the ‘law of Moses’)
    6. Six Geese A-Laying (Six Days of Creation)
    7. Seven Swans a Swimming (The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit)
    8. Eight Maids A-Milking (Christ’s faithfulness)
    9. Nine Ladies Dancing (Nine Fruits of the Spirit: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and self-control)
    10. Ten Lords A-Leaping (The Ten Commandments)
    11. Eleven Pipers Piping (Eleven Original Apostles)
    12. Twelve Drummers Drumming (The Apostles’ Creed)

    Enquire to purchase via email: enquiries@janmurphygallery.com.au
    or call (07) 3254 1855

    Image credit: Linde Ivimey   Four Calling Birds   2014   steel armature, acrylic resin, dyed cotton, natural fibre, cast & natural cow, turkey & chicken bones, ostrich egg   65.0 x 18.0 x 23.0 cm   $12,000


    03.11.13 UQ Art Museum Exhibition

    If Pain Persists: Linde Ivimey Sculpture showcases key pieces produced over the past decade, including recent works commemorating Sir Douglas Mawson’s Antarctic expedition.

    If Pain Persists: Linde Ivimey Sculpture
    3 November 2012 – 24 March 2013
    UQ Art Museum

    For further information, please click here.


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