16 November 2018

12 Days of Christmas 2018

In the spirit of Christmas and in the tradition of the Advent calendar, we invite you to view twelve new works for our 12 Days of Christmas campaign.

Commencing Friday 23 November and finishing on Saturday 8 December 2018, we will be releasing a new work by each of the listed artists.

You can view via email, Facebook or Instagram and all works will be available to purchase from 12pm (AEST).

All images and the order in which they are released, will be concealed until the day!

Featured artists this year are (in alphabetical order):

Karen Napaljarri Barnes
Lucy Culliton
Fred Fowler
Claudia Greathead
Adam Lester
William Mackinnon
Guido Maestri
Leith Maguire
Danie Mellor
Michael Muir
Ben Quilty
Victoria Reichelt