15 April 2020

An update from Jan Murphy Gallery

To our valued clients, artists and suppliers,

Just a short update on where we are at during this very difficult time.
As many of you were previously aware, in late December 2019 we began an extensive renovation of our existing gallery and we were scheduled to re-open in April. We are pleased to write that due to our dedicated team of designers and builders, our new space is progressing beautifully, with final touches to the interior scheduled for completion in the next two weeks.

Sadly, like so many of our colleagues, we are now unlikely to re-open our physical space in the near future, however 2020 is a milestone year for the gallery. This March marked our 25th Anniversary and as such, we have a stellar exhibition programme scheduled. We would like to let you know that despite this strange and rapidly changing new world we currently find ourselves in, our artists remain committed to their exhibitions and we remain committed to sharing them with you.

We will be continuing our online exhibitions and previews, and regularly updating the many digital platforms now available to us including, Instagram and Facebook. Fortunately, many of our clients are now accustomed to viewing art online, and for those who are not, we are only a phone call away.

To those of you who are directly impacted and those working in essential services, we express our support and our sincere gratitude.

At this time of global crisis we hope to bring you a little stability, beauty and a shared connection through our unified love of art and culture.