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  • Image credit: Lara Merrett in her studio. Photo: Hugh Stewart


    27.07.19 Lara Merrett at UQ Art Museum

    Lara Merrett’s High Stakes installation is now open at UQ Art Museum. Devised and implemented as part of the Unlearning program, High Stakes presents visitors to the museum with a colourful, interactive and immersive experience.

    Lara hosted the first part of her project, an interactive outdoor studio, on-site at UQ Art Museum. Using the artwork produced during the residency, the artist worked with UQ Art Museum staff and volunteers to create the large-scale, installation inside the Museum.

    High Stakes
    UQ Art Museum
    26 July – 14 December

    For more information about High Stakes, please click here. 

    Image: Lara Merrett   High Stakes   2019 (installation view)


    09.05.19 Lara Merrett in Art Guide

    Tracey Clement profiled Lara Merrett’s new exhibition, Flip side, in the May – June issue of Art Guide Australia. It is a busy month for the artist as she also completes the onsite temporary residency component of High Stakes, at UQ Art Museum.

    Lara Merrett’s exhibition, Flip side, is current at Jan Murphy Gallery until 25 May.

    To read the feature online, please click here.

    Image credit: Lara Merrett Flip side 2019, Installation View. Photo by Mark Sherwood.


    Lara Merrett in Inside Out Magazine

    Lara Merrett is featured in the April 2019 edition of Inside Out Magazine. In the article, writer Karlie Verkerk speaks to eight Australian artists working with colour as a primary focus in their practice.

    Merrett’s distinctive, large-scaled work is significantly influenced by colour, and states in the article, “No colour is off-limits. I love the idea that I could invent a new one”.

    Lara Merrett’s upcoming exhibition will open at Jan Murphy Gallery on 7 May.

    To read the article, please click here.

    Image credit: Lara Merrett   The world inside   2019   acrylic and ink on linen   153.0 x 122.0 cm


    19.02.19 Lara Merrett at UQ Art Museum

    Lara Merrett has been commissioned by UQ Art Museum to produce High Stakes, a two-part project beginning with a temporary outdoor studio residency and culminating with a large installation inside the Museum.

    In the first part of the project, Lara will host the interactive outdoor studio onsite at UQ Art Museum, encouraging student engagement and providing a unique opportunity for audiences to observe the artist at work.

    High Stakes
    Temporary studio: 29 April – 10 May
    Exhibition: 26 July – 14 December

    For more information about High Stakes, visit the UQ Art Museum website.


    07.04.18 Lara Merrett Announced for MCA’s 2018 Bella Room Commission

    Each year a contemporary Australian artist is invited by the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) to create a multi-sensory, interactive and immersive artwork to inspire people with disability or access requirements to connect with contemporary art.

    The Bella Room Commission is a key component of the MCA’s Bella Program for children, young people and adults with access requirements, and in 2018 will see Lara Merrett create an installation, Paint me in, featuring thee brightly coloured canvases suspended and looped from the roof of the Bella Room.

    2018 Bella Room Commission
    Museum of Contemporary Art
    National Centre for Creative Learning
    From 23 May 2018

    For more information, please click here.


    22.06.17 Lara Merrett at Installation Contemporary 2017

    Lara Merrett has been selected as one of 15 artists for Installation Contemporary 2017. Part of the Sydney Contemporary 2017 program and curated by the MCA’s Chief Curator, Rachel Kent and assistant curator Megan Robson, Installation Contemporary presents a range of large-scale site-specific artworks that respond to the unique space of Sydney’s Carriageworks.

    Merrett will present a new three-dimensional painting installation, Time After Time (Compendium of Gestures) 2017, which interrogates the relationship between painting and its surrounding architecture. Using drop sheets and a variety of paint applications, Merrett will work in-situ to create an immersive environment of colour as a response to the physicality of the Carriageworks space and surrounding artworks.

    Installation Contemporary 2017
    at Sydney Contemporary 2017
    7 – 10 September 2017

    For more information, please click here. 

    Image credit: Lara Merrett in her studio. Photo: Hugh Stewart


    04.02.17 Lara Merrett at Artspace

    Lara Merrett is in a group exhibition, curated by Alexie Glass-Kantor and Talia Linz, at Artspace, Sydney. Superposition of three types sees the work of thirteen current Australian artists across generations and mediums dealing with the legacy and vernacular of colourist abstraction.

    Featured artists include Sydney Ball, Rebecca Baumann, Ry David Bradley, Merrett, Elizabeth Newman, Jonny Niesche, Huseyin Sami, Nike Savvas, Gemma Smith, Brenden Van Hek, Julian Day, Spence Messih and Shelley Lasica.

    Superposition of three types
    Artspace, Sydney
    10 February – 17 April 2017

    For further information, please click here.

    Image credit: Installation view of Superposition of three types    2017    Artspace, Sydney   Photo: Jessica Maurer


    17.05.16 Studio Wars - Curated by Lara Merrett

    Jan Murphy Gallery represented artist, Lara Merrett, has curated Studio Wars, which presents work by seven of the artists she shares her studio with in Birmingham Street, inner Sydney.

    Each artist in Studio Wars has produced new work for the exhibition and features paintings by Sally Anderson, Jonny Niesche, Lara Merrett, John Nicholson and Gemma Smith. Lucas Davidson has created a video work and Alexandra Standen has produced a series of ceramics.

    Studio Wars presents an exciting range of work by these nationally recognised artists and allows viewers to engage with their artistic practices for the first time at Jan Murphy Gallery.

    Studio Wars will run from 17 May – 11 June 2016.

    Please click here to read an exhibition text by Sydney based curator and writer, Kate Britton.

    Image credit: Lara Merrett   Purple purple, opposites atract  2016   acrylic and ink on linen         88.0 x 92.0 cm


    04.03.16 Art Month Sydney 2016

    As part of Art Month Sydney 2016, Birmingham Street Studios will open their doors to the public to showcase the works of the leading artists that inhabit the bustling space, including Lara Merrett. Merrett and her fellow artists will transform their Alexandria studio space into an exhibition venue to provide an opportunity for the public to view their work on display in the space in which they were created.

    The exhibition is on from 5 to 6 March from 10 am – 4 pm. Art Month Sydney 2016 is on from 1 – 20 March 2016, across a range of spaces in Sydney.

    Please click here for more information. 

    The Sydney Morning Herald featured an article on the Birmingham Street Studios, where Lara Merrett speaks about the studio and her work. Please click here to read the article.

    An exhibition featuring a selection of the Birmingham Street Studios artists will be on at Jan Murphy Gallery later this year.

    Curated by Lara Merrett, Studio Wars will featuring new work by Sally Anderson, Lucas Davidson, John Nicholson, Jonny Niesche, Gemma Smith, Alexandra Standen and Lara Merrett herself.

    Studio Wars will be on at Jan Murphy Gallery from 17 May until 11 June.  Please email us here to register your interest.

    Image credit: Lara Merrett in her studio. Photo: Carine Thevanau


    10.12.15 Day Ten: Twelve Days of Christmas 2015

    Lara Merrett   Blue viens   2015   acrylic and ink on canvas   187.0 x 170.0 cm   $12,500

    Known for her large-scale paintings, Lara Merrett utilises a specific pouring technique and water based materials, such as ink and acrylic paint, to produce rich layered expanses of colour and form. Although a diverse range of ideas inform her work, investigations into surface and space remain central to her practice. Blue veins 2015 exemplifies Lara’s organic and intuitive approach to the medium. Speaking about her practice, Merrett states:

    “I often use the phrase ‘to catch a painting’ in describing the process in the studio. I like to think of the paintings being ephemeral and intangible. The light and colour change constantly and can never be repeated.”

    Enquire to purchase via email: enquiries@janmurphygallery.com.au or call (07) 3254 1855


    Recent photos from the studio



    10.12.14 Day Ten: 12 Days of Christmas

    Lara Merrett   2014   Inside is the outside    acrylic and ink on linen   170.0 x 183.0 cm   $12,500

    Lara Merrett describes “Catching a painting” as a double act of painting the painting, and watching the painting, It is a process of continual risk where the paint gets away from you, like words, tunes, and paper in a breeze.

    Amita Kirpalani, The Thought Fort, 2014

    Inside is the outside continues in line with this logic. Merrett merges both the process and outcome of painting in a new collage assemblage, thus merging her two sides of working as an artist. This new work is playful, and presents another layer of meaning to Lara’s well known painting style.



    Lara was interviewed by leading Australian design blog, the Design Files. The Design Files covers Australian design in all its forms – from architecture and interiors to art, craft, graphic design and illustration.

    “If it’s not raining I’ll always cycle to my studio in Alexandria and grab a coffee on the way. I’ll arrive at 9.00ish and start work by 10.00am. I’ll always have the radio on in the morning and then play lots of music later on. Lunch is always shared and made at the studio with artist mates using fresh bread from the two bakeries next door. Some days are later than others, this usually depends on whether I need to do the 3.00pm school pickup!  Before a show I’ll be at the studio every day so I’m walking, talking and dreaming the work (to myself)”

    Read more on Lara’s interview with the Design Files here.


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