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  • Liu Zhuoquan has taken the traditional craft of ‘snuff bottle’ painting – painting on the inside of glass bottles – and created a new art form. The decorative representation of landscape, flora and fauna, people in various modes of behaviour, has been transformed into social commentary. The subjects for his new work are sourced from what are often seen as the negative effects of legal, social and political inadequacies. His work is a documentation of the physical and psychological effects on ordinary people resulting from fear, ignorance, greed and corruption of others. But in some works there are elements of wit and humour which provide other perspectives on contemporary life inside and outside of China.

    Liu Zhuoquan was born in Wuhan, Hubei Province in 1964. He currently lives and works in Beijing. He has exhibited his work in galleries throughout China and in 2011 his work was featured at both the Singaporean and Hong Kong Art Fairs.

    Liu has also exhibited in France and Australia and his work is included in a number of significant international collections including Uli Sigg, Switzerland; White Rabbit, Sydney and Today Art Museum, Beijing.

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