10 February 2016

Danie Mellor Solo Exhibition

Leading Australian artist Danie Mellor will present a new solo exhibition, a sensual instinct, from 23 February until 19 March 2016, which will be the first exhibition in the gallery’s 2016 program.

a sensual instinct is a collection of 13 new photographic works that explore the visceral sensuality of landscape and nature. Imagery of natural decay and growth, mortality and cycles of life suggest an ecology that both consumes and births itself. Featuring Mellor’s signature palette of blue, these photographs seduce the viewer. One is reminded of the spectacle of a primordial urge; the allure of life and death unfolding.

For more information or a to request a preview catalogue from the exhibition, please contact the gallery.

Image credit: Danie Mellor   A sensual instinct (landscape and desire)   2016   C-print on metallic photographic paper   120.0 x 220.0 cm