14.12.18 Fiona Lowry at Campbelltown Arts Centre

Fiona Lowry is in group exhibition, Borrowed Scenery, at Campbelltown Art Centre. For centuries, women have been the subjects of male artists, inserted into scenes framed by the male gaze. Borrowed Scenery explores what happens when the subjects of this gaze look back, step outside the frame, and assert their own vision and experience of the world.

The exhibition features over fifty artworks by female artists from the Campbelltown City collection across ranging mediums.

Borrowed Scenery
Campbelltown Arts Centre
2 January – 10 March 2019

For more information, please click here. 

Image credit: Fiona Lowry   I’m your kind, I’m your kind and I see   2006   acrylic and gouache on canvas   167.0 x 152.0 cm


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