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    Drew Connor Holland works with softly coloured imagery, often figurative and recognisable, printed on cotton paper that he makes himself (from old clothes, sketchbooks and discarded artworks). The colours and focus may be soft, but his subject matter represents dissatisfaction with this place and this time, art and history, and occupies a space between the digital and the physical. Images of people and landscapes on paper that seemingly crumbles under their weight, describe an idealised, re-proportioned metamorphosis. His work evokes the current instability in western culture, with recurring motifs of cowboys, unicorns and text, often on backgrounds that are washed-out and barely there. He is influenced by “cultural nostalgias”, which he uses to achieve a shared virtual space outside history.

    Holland graduated from Sydney’s National Art School in 2016, and has been exhibiting work regularly since 2013. His first solo exhibition, So Far Away From Love, was hosted by Alaska Projects, Sydney in 2017. He is currently preparing for a group exhibition with Galerie Pompom, Sydney, and a second solo show with Alaska Projects, Sydney in 2018.

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