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  • Artist John Honeywill described Leith Maguire’s work as “The Art of the Vulnerable”, and the concept of fragility is key. It describes not only her subject matter, but the painstaking delicacy and empathetic care with which her drawing process unfolds. Her subject matter includes Australian native fauna and flora – the emus, small birds, goannas, dingoes and other wildlife that are endangered as a result of environmental change and global human impacts. In recording details of the appearance and habitat of these plants and animals, she contrasts their ubiquity as Australian national symbols to their current fragile status.

    Maguire graduated from Queensland College of Art in 2007, and completed a Masters in Cultural Conservation in 2014. She lives in Melbourne and works as a Weaver Intern at the Australian Tapestry Workshop. Maguire has been awarded the Hill End Artist Residency (2013) and the Heather Blair Award, Cairns (2010).

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