12 March 2016

Rhys Lee – Jungle Rum Rumble

Rhys Lee will present a new body of work in a solo exhibition titled Jungle Rum Rumble at Jan Murphy Gallery in 2016.

Jungle Rum Rumble, drew reference from an earlier period in Lee’s career, specifically 2007, which was a transitional period in his practice. At that time, he had presented a body of work that featured bright and pastel tones, but then moved to a darker aesthetic shortly after this. Speaking about the works in Jungle Rum Rumble, Lee states:

“Reusing reference material and drawings from this period, I wanted to capture this particular time again as well as adding some of my new painting techniques. Jungle, ocean, heat, dance, pirate, native, fire, voodoo, rum, fever… were some thoughts and actions while making this group of paintings.”

Jungle Rum Rumble will run from 22 March – 16 April.

For more information or to request a preview catalogue from the exhibition, please contact the gallery.

Image credit: Rhys Lee   Jungle Rum Rumble 1   2015   acrylic on linen   200.0 x 168.0 cm