06 November 2019

Ben Quilty in ABC documentary

Ben Quilty’s major survey show, Quilty, commences the last leg of its tour this week opening at the Art Gallery of New South Wales this Saturday 9 November.

Art Gallery of New South Wales
9 November – 2 February

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Furthermore, Ben Quilty is also featured in a new ABC documentary Quilty – Painting the Shadows which will be aired Tuesday, 19 November. Directed by Catherine Hunter, the documentary explores in-depth the artist’s journey and evolving creative practice. The film also documents the most recent shift in Quilty’s art which is a growing interest in our national history and the dark corners of our past.

For more information and to view the documentary preview, please click here. 

Image credit: (1) ‘Quilty – Painting the Shadows’. Courtesy of Catherine Hunter and the ABC.