11 November 2016

Ben Quilty in ‘Sappers & Shrapnel’

The work of Australian contemporary artists will be exhibited alongside what is known as ‘trench art’ in an exhibition titled, Sappers & Shrapnel at the Art Gallery of South Australia. The term ‘trench art’ describes objects made from the waste of warfare by solidiers, civilians and prisoners of war.

Featuring trench art from the collection of the Australian War Memorial, alongside compelling contemporary artwork by artists such as Ben Quilty, Sappers & Shrapnel aims to explore the human need to make art, even in the throes of wartime.

Sappers & Shrapnel: Contemporary art and the art of the trenches
Art Gallery of South Australia

11 November 2016 – 29 January 2017

For more information, please click here.

To read an ABC News article about Ben Quilty’s journey in Europe and the Middle East, please click here.

Image credit: Installation view of Ben Quilty, Skin, 2016.