07 December 2019

Linde Ivimey in Beautiful Bizarre Magazine

Linde Ivimey has been featured in issue 27 (December) of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine.

Writer Jennifer Susan Jones delves into the artist’s history and unique approach to her sculpture-based practice. As described by Jones, “It may seem, due to the surreal, nightmarish quality of her work, that dreams would be a source of inspiration for the artist. Yet Linde states that old museums are her best source of ideas, their grounds brimming with beautifully displayed bones, feathers, teeth, fur, and skin, all placed in immersion-worthy dioramas.”

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Image credit: Linde Ivimey, ‘Fur Mendax’, 2018, acrylic resin, natural fibre, dyed cotton, cast and natural turkey bones, woven vertebrae, champagne foils, white pearls, 145.0 x 47.0 x 40. 0 cm