03 May 2023

Martin Smith at Metro Arts

Martin Smith is featured in forthcoming group exhibition at Metro Arts, ‘Precision: The Art of Cutting Images’. Curated by Stephanie Lindquist and Minqi Gu, this exhibition investigates the process of paper cutting as a medium, exploring how it transcends folk traditions into contemporary art forms and disciplines. Visitors to the exhibition can see title, by Martin Smith, alongside pieces by 6 other artists that work across paper-based media, photography, installation and sculpture.

Metro Arts will host a range of public programs in conjunction with the exhibition and Brisbane Art Design Festival. For more information, please click here.

‘Precision: The Art of Cutting Images’
6 May – 10 June, 2023
Metro Arts, South Brisbane

Image credit: Martin Smith, ‘Reenactor’, 2023, cyanotype, 110.0 x 80.0 cm