30 June 2020

New to Protégé – Jacqueline Hennessy

Jan Murphy Gallery is pleased to announce Jacqueline Hennessy as the newest addition to the protégé program.

The Sydney-based artist references photographic images of her own body to create paintings of ghostly, female figures. Produced through a dedicated process of applying layer upon layer of sepia-toned paint, Hennessy creates a form of disrupted realism where faces are often deliberately averted away from the gaze of the viewer. As described by the artist, “my process involves playing between binary opposites to create tension between appearance and disappearance, painted and unpainted, detail and blur.”

Jacqueline Hennessy’s profile is now viewable online on our website.

Image credit: Jacqueline Hennessy, ‘Untitled’, 2020, oil on linen, 101.0 x 76.0 cm