21.04.17 Parliament House Art Collection Acquisitions

Adam Lester’s painting Local 2014, and A.J. Taylor’s 2016 work At the edge of the forest (morning light) have been acquired by the Parliament House Art Collection, Canberra.

For more information about the Parliament House Art Collection, please follow click here.

Image credit: Adam Lester   Local   2014   mixed media on tarpaulin   170.0 x 140.0 cm   Parliament House Art Collection, Canberra


13.04.17 Lucy Culliton in Art Guide Australia

Lucy Culliton features in an article by Briony Downes for Art Guide Australia about artists and their gardens.

Lucy’s country home in Bibbenluke has long been an inspiration in her painting practice.

To read the article, please click here.

Image credit: Lucy Culliton’s garden at Bibbenluke


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